Post Flood Cleanup

If you’ve been affected by flooding, it’s critical to start cleaning up mud, dirt, and debris as soon as possible after the water recedes. Mud left behind by floodwaters can contain a variety of microorganisms that can cause illness and infection, and the water can cause damage that can make your home a health and safety hazard. It is possible to recover and save your home from problems with a thorough cleaning. Shoveling out the mud will be physically demanding, especially if you haven’t used a shovel in years (or ever). If you aren’t keen on cleaning up yourself, or not sure if you can do it, there are companies that specialize in water damage that can handle the mud removal for you.

Flooding will affect every room on the ground floor or the basement of your home. It is possible to repair the water damage in your home, if you approach the job systematically and thoroughly.

The kitchen

The first order of business in cleaning a flooded area is to remove the mud and potential pathogens. Start by soaking all glass, plastic, and wooden dishes and utensils in disinfectant solution. Chlorine bleach is a highly effective and readily available disinfectant. Add a couple of tablespoons of bleach to a sink filled with the hottest water possible and soak for at least ten minutes. After soaking, remove items from the solution and allow to air dry. Towel drying is not recommended as this could further spread pathogens.

Bleach isn’t recommended for pots, pans, and metal utensils as they can react with the bleach and become discolored. Instead, soak these items in the hottest water possible for at least ten minutes.

Don’t forget countertops and cabinets. Wipe all counters and all inside surfaces of cabinets thoroughly with bleach solution and allow to dry completely before storing anything inside.

Household items

Other items inside your home should be taken outside and left in the sun. Ultraviolet radiation from the sunshine will kill harmful organisms and help items dry faster and more completely. Inside the house, dehumidifiers and air conditioner will pull moisture out of the air, so the interior dries faster. Carpeting and carpet padding will also likely need to be pulled up and replaced.

Again, if you don’t wish to clean up your flooded home yourself, there are professionals who specialize in floodwater cleanup that will be happy to help.

Source: Orange Restoration San Diego

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